Yoga Holidays

James has been running and teaching on yoga holidays since 2003. He's a firm believer that the practice of yoga can not only improve overall health and fitness, but can also assist in creating balance and gaining perspective in today's modern world and, most importantly, teaching us how to RELAX!

The combination of practicing yoga, eating delicious healthy food, exercising in beautiful surroundings, finding time to be still and be pampered provides a feeling of complete rejuvenation on every level. Such revitalisation provides the clarity and energy to face the challenges of modern living, as well as the possibility providing the foundation of one's own daily practice.

The Healthy Holiday Company, with whom James teaches on their in:spa, Destination Yoga and Fitscape retreats, provides such wonderful holidays in beautiful locations.

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The Healthy Holiday Company or call +44 208 968 0501

StretchOm Vacations

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