Thank you so much for a brilliant yoga retreat. Your teaching has really improved my practice - I've done things I didn't think possible and I have a much deeper understanding of "why" and "how". Thanks also for making everything run so smoothly and for making it all fun!
Leonie - Lawyer

Just wanted to say I've started an ashtanga self-practice course. Second lesson was this morning and I'm loving it. Thanks to you!
Robert - Farmer

You have just inspired me to do my first ever yoga session on my own at home and it was totally wonderful - I felt confident enough based on our practice together in France and with the guidance of your notes.
Penny - Client Director

He makes you feel fabulous. The best yoga teacher I've ever had. And I've had hundreds!
Imogen - Author

After 6 years of agony it only took two of your sessions to fix my neck for good and am sleeping like a baby as a result!
Linnet - Research Analyst

It was a truly great holiday......and just what the doctor ordered - right place and right time. I benefited lots from your tuition, and your classes were truly special, whether in the Dome where during thunder storms it felt like we might take off or watching the sun go down over the hills on the terrace.
Geraldine - PR Director

Thanks for the awesome yoga!
David - Interior Designer

Thanks again for your efforts last week. Your patience and enthusiasm were much appreciated. Having seen you do it "properly", have resigned myself to accepting that as and when I become a victim of the credit crunch, a career as a yoga teacher is unlikely, but I will try and get better!
Scott - Lawyer

Getting up, getting ready, getting on the tube etc. this morning made the last few days of dream type existence seem even more like a dream. Thanks again for everything. I had such an amazingly lovely time.
Fanny - Equity Sales Director

It was truly a pleasure to practice with you, James, and thanks for helping me get upside down in the handstand! Boo - Equity Salesperson

Thank you for a great week. My yoga came on considerably and I was very pleased with myself to have attended every session in the week.
Michael - Jeweller

I would like to thank you for starting my journey into yoga! I thought your teaching was very good, your directions and explanations were easy to follow and flowed really well. It was great to have the benefits of the each component explained clearly.
Verity - Health Club Owner

Thank you for a beautiful yoga session!
Larah - Retreat Manager

Really, really enjoyed the holiday. Totally new experience. never felt so energised in my whole life!
Rod - Insurance Broker

Thank you so much, it was a fantastic week - am working hard on these hips but am missing the sunshine!
Marlene - Jewellery Designer